The EximNet! BBS (Online Telcom Network Services) is an Information Services company that provides information concerning India & more specifically India’s  Exports and Imports in the form of Databases, Directories, Events, Forums and an Online Shop as detailed below:


You can track multiple Products’ movements into and from India by using The EximNet! BBS Databases. Our Industry wise Databases cover imports into and exports from India for almost any Sector/Industry. These Databases  in fact contain information for each and every consignment* of any product imported into or exported from India under the ITC Chapters included in that Industry Database. We also have Country Wise Databases of Imports into India and Exports from India from any particular Country. All our Databases are directly installable on your computer, giving you access to trade data at your fingertips.




If you are looking to import goods from India and/or Export Goods to India, our Directories will prove to be invaluable. We provide a wide array of Directories covering India’s Import & Export Policies, Regulatory Authorities, Government Notifications (relating to Imports & Exports and Foreign Trade), and much more. No one dealing with India should be without access to these directories.




If you are looking to Events be it Trade Fairs, Exhibitions or Conferences to further your Imports from and Export to India, you have come to the right place. We cover a wide array of Events/ Trade Fairs/Exhibitions and Conference held in India and abroad that will help you in your purpose.




Forums are in effect discussion areas where the interactions are restricted to a specific topic. So if you need help on anything regarding Imports and Exports into and from India and even have information what you feel would be useful to the members, just post a message in our Forums and interact with other members.




Monitor any product movement into and from India by using the EximNet! BBS Reports. The Reports contain information about each and every consignment*  of that product imported or exported from India, supplemented with analysis on multiple criteria and sub-criteria. These reports can be purchased for any Indian Financial Year (April-March) form 1998 onwards.  These Report  can be purchased and instantly downloaded from our Shop.




Our Shop holds up to 10,000’s Ready-to-Download Reports of India’s Imports & Exports of any product (transaction level details plus 16 MIS Reports) which will give you an invaluable insight into India  Trade vis-a-vis that product